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Align & Move Dynamics

  • Align to: select how the desired vertical position should be calculated.
    You can align to the element that's nearest or farthest to the staff, or
    align to the average distance of the objects within the selected region.
  • Dynamics only: this option makes sure that only the desired objects
    which deal with dynamics are aligned and/or moved.
    This should normally be left on - unless you discover that not all the
    text expressions that you want aligned are actually processed.
  • Shape expressions: select this to have them aligned with the text
    expressions and hairpins
  • Move vertically: enter a vertical offset by which the aligned objects
    are shifted.
    This field is automatically filled in by the hotkeys Crtl-Gray Plus and
    Minus, so you may discover a value here which you want to delete
  • Align what's below the staff: normally selected because dynamics
    go below the staff
  • Align what's above the staff: select this to align objects above the
    staff. If these are non-dynamics, you have to also deselect the topmost
    option: Dynamics only.
  • For positioning, take into account:
    In special situations, it may be important to take into account the
    positions of a specific object type only.
    See the bottom of the main align & move dynamics page for an example.
  • Adjust other expressions appropriately: normally selected so that
    expressions that go with the dynamics are moved also - but not aligned.
    For example, when a hairpin with the text "poco" is moved, the word
    is moved with it, but not on it.
    See main align & move dynamics page for an example.
  • Align each system independently: when a larger region or a whole score
    or part is aligned, each staff system can be processed separately since the
    alignment is only important within a system.

    Note: this option is turned off when the hotkeys are used to invoke the

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