Lyrics Utilities
see also: New Spacing - solves lyrics spacing problems

Shift Lyrics


You can shift all lyrics in the selected region in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Or, you can shift only lyrics under notes within a certain range of durations -

the default settings, for example, will correct Finale's bad centering of syllables under whole and double whole notes.

Move long syllables on beat one to the right


This will make slight adjustments for longer syllables at the beginning of a measure.
Moving them to the right a bit will prevent the empty space between the barline and the first note from becoming too large when Note Spacing is applied.
There are a few options for fine-tuning.

Use this plug-in before Note Spacing.

Left-align melisma syllables


Use this plug-in after Note Spacing.
Note: melisma syllables that start on a measure's last note won't be affected.

Remove selected manual lyrics adjustments

Improve Spacing:
Restore Proportionality after Note Spacing


This example was made 80% proportional.
It is important to make the correct option settings for the type of music to be processed.

This plug-in is applied after doing a tight note spacing. It restores a selectable amount of proportionality by making parts of the measure longer.

You can still shorten the measures again and are now more flexible and quicker with any manual adjustments to be made.

I will integrate many more rules about note spacing, all of them user-selectable options. Ideas wanted!

I recommend to use feature #7 on this page after #1 to remove extraneous beat chart handles; then, you will have an unprecedented ease at making final adjustments. These will soon be available via hotkey.

Note: the proportionality check is continuous in that it iteratively compares two adjacent beat chart steps. Thus, the difference between spacing in a measure may vary by more than the specified percentage, but any adjacent spacings will be made (default:) 70% proportional.

Recommended option settings

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