Text Expression Sorter - details

The order of expressions in the Staff and Score Expression selection list has always been a problem with Finale. Finale 98, at least, offers you to manually sort your text expressions.

With this plug-in you can achieve a nice, intelligent order within seconds, even with Finale 97. Metatool key assignments and enclosures are preserved.

Expressions that use music fonts are automatically sorted into a different section, so that the sorted output is quite usable.

You can specify whether expressions with different text font family, size, and/or style are sorted in one or separate sections, and specify the order (priorities) of the font section criteria.

The sorter can also remove unused text expressions - with or without sorting.

Text Expression Sorter - example

before ...

... and after!

Text Expression Sorter - screenshot

Future improvements:

- user defined sections which are independently sorted, or some of them left untouched

- full sorting support for Anastasia, Susato, Sonata, Opus, and Jazz fonts

Text Expression Sorter - version history

v0.95 30 June 1999 - remove unused text expressions - with or without sorting.
v0.81 30 May 1999 - now preserves keyboard shortcuts
- added font criteria & priorities
v0.8 29 May 1999 - first release (added to the TGTools package)