Align & Move Dynamics
Using this function via hotkeys is free and does not require registration.
(requires Finale 98 or newer)

is adjusted to:


  • select a region, then press Alt-Gray Plus and Minus
    to align and move dynamic marks up and down, with hairpins.

  • press Alt-Gray Multiply to align only.

  • The Gray keys are on the numeric keypad. On the Mac, use
    the Apple key instead of Alt.


  • aligns dynamics: staff and score expressions, and hairpins
  • straightens hairpins
  • automatically enables individual positioning of score expressions
    to make independent alignment \par in each staff system possible
  • moves other expressions along with the dynamics, but does not
    align them: note the word "subito" and "poco" in the above example.
  • especially useful with transposed parts


  • when turning the score's display in concert pitch on and off, the
    plug-in cannot immediately recognize this.
    To make the change detectable to TGTools, please enter the
    Options menu once more (without selecting any item) after having
    changed this option. Otherwise, some hairpins will not align correctly.

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An example of a transposed part ...

is adjusted to:

There's two possible things you may want to do in this case:

1. move hairpins to align with expressions (as in the example)

  • turn off "For positioning, take into account: Hairpins?"
  • turn off "Adjust other expressions appropriately"
  • otherwise stick to the defaults

2. move expressions to align with hairpins

  • turn off "For positioning, take into account: Staff expressions?"
  • otherwise stick to the defaults

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