This is mainly for strings: when a harmonic is not played on an empty string, two notes are notated. The lower one has a normal notehead, while the upper one is a diamond.

This plug-in searches the selected region for intervals of two notes. When an interval that corresponds to the specification in the options dialog box is found, the upper note is turned into a diamond.

The selected region can include partially selected measures.

Example 1

before ...

and after Harmonics automation with all theoretical harmonics selected:

More Features
  • prepares harmonics for correct playback (even if the sounding pitch is not shown)

  • optionally adds small notes of the actual sounding pitch which will be calculated automatically

  • can optionally use black diamonds for quarter notes and smaller durations

  • takes accidentals into account & differentiates between minor and major third.

Example 2
here only fourths were selected: