TGTools Future Projects

The features on top of this list will be added soon, the ones near the bottom I may never get to ...

If you would like to move your own plug-in request to the top of this list, you can purchase TGTools at 'Supreme' registration level. However, it can still take quite a while until I can complete it. If you need something quick, check out my Sponsoring page.

Project on ice ... Orchestration

Top Priority Level
projects I'll be working on soon

- configurable TGTools menu, optionally within the regular PI menu

- more features for New Spacing

- Clip File Manager

- import text files containing note data

- copy measure maps & regionsbetween docs

- horizontal alignment of text expressions with notes

- automatic playback for trills

- revised user interface with collapsible windows
(reducing dialog size, in the extreme case with only the Go button remaining)

- easy mid-measure repeats

- adjust chord baselines dialog

- fix hyphens for lyrics extending over page breaks

- enable chord tool to analyze multiple layers

- easy setting of instrument transpositions such as Ab etc.

- correct transposed quarter-tones and facilitate copying between staves with different transposition and/or key signature

- more options in Coda's repeats plug-in

- improve handling of tuplets
(and optionally extend brackets them to their whole rhythmic duration)

Second Level
projects I'm really interested in

- substitute flags with shorter version where appropriate

- align slash tremolos with whole notes

- a lot more details in Font Info

- parenthesize notes, for example top or bottom notes of an octave (ossia notation)

- invisible transposition, i.e. for playback only

- align Smart Shapes other than hairpins

- automate cross-staff beam groups

- better positioning of accidentals, saving space

- avoid collisions of notes with accidentals in two layers

- solve spacing problem with parenthesized trill notes

- add expressions to single empty measures
(such as "1" over
single measure rests)

- slash beamed grace notes

- apply multiple articulations & slurs according to a template (rhythmic pattern)

- substitute rhythms according to a template (such as dotted rhythms etc.)

- a plug-in that goes over a transposed part and makes approprioate enharmonics changes
(adding accidentals if desired) and vertically adjusts

Third Level
projects of some importance (not so urgent)

- fix page numbers in consecutive files

- simplify lyrics verse number assignments

- add correctly aligned verse numbers (at the beginning of each verse)

- beam joiner for beaming odd time signatures such as 5/8

- fast Fit Music command for very large scores
(Finale's own fit music can slow down when the piece has more than 200 measures)

- add transposed chord layers

- manage groups attributes and names with optimized systems

Bottom Level
projects I may never get to ...

- adjust distances between grace note beams

- new lyrics baselines dialog with all verses etc. to be seen at once

- reset lyrics baselines in systems

- improved cautionary accidentals

- mass-add tuplets

- easier beaming across barlines

- port Text Expression Browser for the Mac

- add a specific MIDI command for each different note shape

- verify some important publishing rules
(right page numbers are ODD, no measure number on first measure, etc., I'm still collecting)

- refine proportionality tool and improve its ability to save horizontal space