Layout Utilities

The most important layout utility is Staff List Manager, which is a power facility to handling optimized staff systems.

Scale Staff Positions
so as to make various optimized systems have the same total height.

The desired height is specified in EVPUs.
You can get this value by selecting the bottom staff of a system and using the Staff menu command:
Staff Usage.
With optimized systems in Page View, you should select the staff's lower handle.
This plug-in works with optimized systems only.

Expand spacing: with this option checked, smaller systems will be expanded to the specified EVPU height.

Compress spacing: with this option checked, taller systems will be compressed to the specified EVPU height.

Copy System Optimization
copies staves, groups, and positions from one optimized system to one or many other systems.

Copy to systems containing the same set of staves only: (default: checked)
This option ensures that the optimization is copied only to systems with the same instruments. To be safe, this should be checked. If the source system is optimized correctly, no staves with notes on other systems can be unintentionally hidden.

Copy to systems that have not been optimized: (default: not checked)
This will use the optimization of the source system for any unoptimized systems within the specified range. If the source system does not contain all of the document's staves, this can be dangerous because staves with notes could be hidden.

The two options can be combined.

To copy the optimization unconditionally to all destination systems, check the second option only.

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