Staff List Manager - the power tool for optimized staff systems
This gives you a clear overview of which instruments are displayed on the selected page or system of a larger score.

You can freely decide which staves are included AFTER having optimized it. In particular, re-showing an instrument
that has been optimized away is now easy and preserves all other optimizations and manual adjustments.

An asterisk shows which instruments have notes within the specified system.

Staff groups are also displayed: \ means a group begins, | continues it downward, and / marks the end.

Special buttons:
Revert = cancel changes
Reset optimization to scroll view staff arrangement
Optimize to start over with the optimization. Staves with notes are automatically selected.
... gives you the Scale Staff Positions... dialog. See
Layout Utilities.
Copy from/to... give you the Copy System Optimizations... dialog. See
Layout Utilities.

Find Optimization Errors will find systems with notes that are optimized away.