Pre-1.00 Versions

v0.99g 19 August 1999 TGTools menu for the Mac
Skip dialog boxes via Shift key (new standard for plug-ins)
v0.99f August 1999 expand / compress spacing of full or partial measures (on Windows, via hotkey Shift-Gray +/-)
v0.99e August 1999 automatic exclusion of rests from beam groups in specific rhythmical contexts
Secondary Beam Breaker)
v0.99d August 1999 Improved and corrected Lyrics Utilities
added: Shift Lyrics. Can correct Finale's
lyrics on whole and double whole notes.
Add Space at the beginning of measures
v0.99 July 1999 skip dialog boxes
added: Scale Stave Positions - Copy System Optimizations
Staff List Manager for Mac
click here for details
v0.98 July 1999 Harmonics Automation manages playback and optionally adds the sounding pitch,
added: Remove selected manual
lyrics adjustments
v0.97 July 1999 click here for details
v0.96 July 1999 click here for details
v0.95 30 June 1999 - added Spacing Utilities - Lyrics Utilities - Miscellaneous
- improved all plug-ins
- many smaller problems fixed this month
- first Mac release
v0.90 early June1999 - added Keyboard Remapper - Browser for Text Expressions
v0.80 29 May 1999 - added Text Expression Sorter
v0.70 28 May 1999 - added Secondary Beam Breaker
v0.61 26 May 1999 - now compatible with Finale 97
v0.6 26 May 1999 - added Harmonics Automation
v0.5 25 May 1999 - first release as Staff List Manager