TGTools for PowerMac
for Finale 97 - 2000.
For documentation click the appropriate links within this WWW site.

download ... click here to read TGTools Licence Agreement and download

for PowerMacs only - no 68k version available

This version contains almost all the functions available for PCs.

Free for one month after email registration - click here for shareware details.

Download from the main page, unpack as usual and put:

TGToolsPPC in your plug-in folder, such as Finale 98:Plug-Ins

You can immediately use it after (re-)starting Finale. However, I ask that you register it for free.
To register, write an email to and tell me your name, operating system, and postal address. I will return your registration code, usually within 24 hours.

Any comments, suggestions, bug reports or plug-in ideas are welcome!

For a while, the MAC versions will not contain the Browser for Text Expressions and the Keyboard Remapper because their programming is quite system-specific. All other plug-ins will be released almost simultaneously for both Windows and Mac OS in the future.

If you do want the two system-specific plug-ins also, you can put in a word for them: