Older versions 


1.87e 27 Mar 2001
  • numerous improvements and fixes, especially for Modify->Playback
  • Modify->Playback now works with all kinds of measure-attached glissandi. Even though the direction of the glissando needn't conform with the following note, there must be one, or else the glissando is ignored. 
1.87d 24 Mar 2001
  • fixed  Modify->Remove->Hidden Rests (= SmartScore cleanup)
    (it had removed all rests, not just the hidden ones) 
1.87c 22 Mar 2001
  • added Modify->Remove->Hidden Rests (= SmartScore cleanup) 
  • minor bugfixes
1.87b (Mac) 13 Mar 2001
  • fixed bug where non-EVPU units were set to zero in Macintosh dialogs. 
  • fixed unit alignment in Tremolo/More dialog on Mac.
1.87a 12 Mar 2001
  • removed debugging code that had accidentally been left in v. 1.87 
  • fixed articulation assignment option handling in Modify->Slurs
1.87 11 Mar 2001
  • Music->Harmonics is now modeless
  • Modify->Playback has a Play button, and a button to erase playback effects
  • on Windows, Keyboard Remapper can now go four levels deep into Finale's menus, thus enabling keyboard shortcuts to be assigned to individual Special Tools.
  • fixed bug on Mac where option settings of disabled options would be forgotten,
  • added notice that these version 1 prices will be valid thru October 31st, 2001
1.86a 9 Mar 2001
  • improved conversion of  measure-attached slurs into note-attached ones
  • added Forza! compatibility
1.86 5 Mar 2001
  • Modify->Slurs can convert measure-attached slurs into note-attached ones
  • fixed Petrucci and Engraver accents in slur-collision handling
  • Modify->Transfer copies and pastes page Graphics 
    and Text Blocks between files
1.85 3 Mar 2001
  • Modify->Slurs can now resolve collisions with articulations
  • minor fixes for Modify->Playback
  • revamped  Auricle Import
  • fixed Add Cue Notes which didn't copy note-attached smart shapes
  • Tremolos can now add playback notes
TGTools 1.84 3 Feb 2001
  • revamped Layout->Special Number Regions
  • new Modify->Slurs plug-in combines 'Reset' functionality and a new 'Add to height' feature
  • Fit Measures recognizes the selected measure region
  • Special Modifications -> Keep only (erase others) fixed
  • Modify->Playback fixed for trills and tremolos (sometimes the playback duration was incorrect)
TGTools 1.83 25 Jan 2001
  • convert measure attached expressions to note-attached ones using Modify->Expressions
  • make special measure number regions where all measures between special barlines are counted as one, useful for counting excercises etc.
TGTools 1.82 20 Jan 2001
  • improved Modify->Rests (minimize number of rests by extending note values)
  • Playback plug-in now with tremolos and articulation trills
  • Mac: fixed problem with multiple document windows where the wrong window would sometimes gain focus
  • Windows: Print Multiple Files now with individual number of copies per file
TGTools 1.81 29 Dec 2000
  • new plug-in to minimize number of rests by extending note values
  • mass delete or copy expression enclosures
  • improved & fixed Playback plug-in (trills, hairpins, glissandi)
  • fixed keyboard navigation in Windows dialogs thanks to Jari Williamsson's free code and tips on www.finaletips.nu.
  • Align/Move can now align and straighten measure-attached custom smart shapes, and it has an option in the "More..." dialog to straighten smart shapes only without aligning them among each other.
TGTools 1.80 16 Dec 2000

Fixes loading problems on German Finale that the beta had

TGTools 1.80beta3 15 Dec 2000 Fixed Beam Breaker which under certain conditions would fail to break some beams, and possibl hang in other (hopefully rare) situations.
PDKTools 2.03 (Win) 14 Dec 2000 Fixed problem where PDKTools (Win) would load only on Windows 2000.
TGTools 1.80beta2 13 Dec 2000
  • Windows: the inactivate & collapse options in modeless dialogs are now three-state checkboxes. A grayed checkbox means that the PDKTools default is used - check the PDKTools Options!

  • Descriptive Staff and Group Names are now used in selection lists when an item has no name of its own. Thanks go to Jari Williamsson who implemented this as part of PDKTools.

  • The key to auto-close dialogs after clicking OK is now identical to Finale's  Power-OK key: Ctrl on Windows, and Cmd/Apple on Mac.

PDKTools 2.02 10 Dec 2000
  • Windows 2000: collapsed dialogs can be made transparent! Check the PDKTools options for this exciting feature.

  • International English translation no longer delays dialogs on older computers

  • PDKTools 2.02 is now available as separate download

9 Dec 2000
  • TGTools now requires the PDKTools plug-in v2.01 to be installed. PDKTools is contained in the TGTools download file. Please move both the TGTools and PDKTools files into Finale's plug-in directory.

  • new: Modify->Transfer can copy Score Expressions (aka Measure Expressions) between files and within a file

  • new: Modify->Expressions plug-in individualizes Score Expressions: it makes them all 'This Staff Only'. Each staff gets its separate copy, so that they can now transparently be copied and moved within the file. It can also reduce a measure expression to display on one staff only. 

  • new: support for automatically windowshaded (collapsed) dialog windows. These will only display their title bars when inactive. Click on the title bar to see the complete dialog again. On Mac, set this option in the PDKTools plug-in dialog!

  • new: support for International English. Selecting this language in PDKTools will make TGTools use words such as minim, crotchet, and bar. This can currently slow the dialogs down on older Macs.

  • several bugfixes (Analyze is no longer confused by changes in the number of voices, others).

1.76b 2 Dec 2000
  • Fixed Auricle File Import for some files.

1.76a 20 Nov 2000
  • Fixed Misc->Custom Chord Styles so that the chord suffixes now retain their playback properties.
    Just re-run the plug-in on existing files to 'repair' chords that were broken.

  • Fixed Staff List Manager & Copy System Optimization which in Finale 2001 sometimes didn't show the correct distance for the top staff of a system.

  • Windows only: the acknowledge question for keys such as home and end now accepts the Esc key.

1.76 15 November 2000
  • TGTools->Misc->Playback can now do trills and fingered glissandi.
    The playback notes are added to an additional layer. They are normally individually hidden, but you can also make them visible. This should be done after Note Spacing has been applied, because it may have ill effects on later performances of Note Spacing.

  • Fixed some dialog box problems with Print Multiple Files (Windows only).

  • Make parenthesized trill notes now mutes the parenthesized note.

  • Some minor fixes.

  • These functions now work with the Italian Windows version of Finale 2000 (2001 not tested, Mac version has no language issues):
    Smart Distribution/Explosion, Print Multiple Files, New Spacing.

1.75f 7 November 2000

Auricle file import fixes: Windows can import Mac text files, attributes of first measure are no longer corrupted.

1.75e 7 November 2000 Macintosh Finale 2001 only:
Solved Smart Distribution/Explosion
not working when Finale 2001's tool palettes were all closed (or at least the main tool palette).
1.75d 7 November 2000
  • Enhanced Auricle file import (TGTools->Misc->Import).

  • Added 'Keep only (delete others)' option for TGTools->Modify->Special Modifications.

1.75c 2 November 2000
  • Fixes a Smart Distribution/Explosion bug that rarely caused an 'access violation' error message.

  • The window for Print Multiple Files on Windows is now horizontally resizeable.

1.75b 26 October 2000 Fixed a possible hang or even crash caused by some TGTools plug-ins that process staff system or layout information.
1.75a 22 October 2000
  • New options for Modify->Transfer in order to transfer layout information from file to file: beat charts and measure widths, locked measure groups, staff system margins and attributes.

  • Fixed a few Staff List Manager bugs:

    • on Macintosh: dialog sometimes being empty when invoked; a music font appearing in the dialog after a 'Redraw' in Finale 2000.

    • on both: dialog being very slow to appear when used with large scores.

1.75 10 October 2000 Align/Move Dynamics is now fast. Its speed is now fairly proportional to the amount of measures selected. When the option "align each system independently" is on, it is a little slower (this option is in the "More..." dialog, it is off by default).
1.74i (Win) 10 October 2000
(Mac later today)
fixed Reset Slur Contour and Playback Glissandi for very large files (with entry numbers >32767)
9 October 2000 fixed Create Hairpins which stopped with an error message (on Windows only)
1.74g 9 October 2000 fixed Align/Move Dynamics:
  • works with minor key signatures again

  • works with all 16 of Finale 2001's clefs

1.74f (Mac) 8 October 2000
  • Improved, smaller dialog windows on Mac!
  • Clicking a measurement unit now cycles through the various units on Finale 2001/Mac, too. 
1.74e (Mac) 7 October 2000 Improvements for Select Expression:
  • now works correctly with multiple document windows
  • metatool assignments are displayed in parentheses within the selection list
  • 'key to assign to' is now immediately effective (previously clicking 'Go' was required)
  • 'key to assign to' may now be a lower- or uppercase letter or a number
7 October 2000 Update required for users of the German Finale (1.74c didn't install its menu correctly with the German version)
1.74c 6 October 2000 - new on Mac only: Select Expression
This will present a sorted list of text expressions. Select one, and it will be assigned to a metatool key of your choice. The window can remain open, so you have instant access to all your expressions. You may want to move the window halfway off the right edge of your screen so that you see only the list of text expressions. Currently, all expressions are displayed using  the same font so that musical symbols are not displayed correctly. This will change in a future version.
- new: Modify -> Remove: Stems & Beams
- Tremolo
tool can now create tremolos with only one beam
- Character Set Conversion has an additional character in the defaults for Mac's half spaces
1.74b 2 October 2000 - new: Modify -> Replace Pitches will replace pitches classes in any octave, such as g -> g#, c# -> a##, or Dbbb -> B.
- fixed bugs in Beam Breaker
- made Add Space in Measure (esp. at the beginning or after a partial measure selection) more reliable
- Smart Distribution/Explosion:
added "Copy Clefs" option,
   - improved it so that it will explodes notes evenly when there are more instruments than pitches
- now compatible with German Windows version of Finale 2001 (Mac version is independent of language)
- Windows: fixed the new shaded checkmarks not remembering their settings (in v1.74a)
1.74a 24 September 2000 - new: Layout->Incipits will adjust each system's width independently so that the measures have the same width in scroll view and page view. Useful for tables of contents where the first few measures of each piece are shown. This command requires that the PDKTools plug-in is installed which can also be downloaded here.
1.74 21 September 2000 - Align/Move Dynamics can now convert articulation dynamics into text expressions and align them among each other and with hairpins (see last option in More... dialog).
- fixed New Spacing which didn't work right with the option to 'correct centered syllables ...' off.
1.73b 27 August 2000 - Text Expression Sorter now checks whether all staves are displayed or a staff set is used. In the latter case, it issues a warning. Previously, it had sorted anyway and thus mixed up text expressions in the staves that were not displayed
1.73a 6 August 2000 NEW: Modify->Playback will prepare hairpins and glissandi for playback.
1.73 4 August 2000
(WinFin2k only)
Word Extensions plug-in fixed for Finale 2001 in TGTools 1.73.
(Coda's original does not work correctly under Finale 2001)
1.72c 31 July 2000 NumLock reassignment now works on Windows 95 & 98, too.
1.72b 30 July 2000 On Windows within Speedy Entry, the NumLock can now be used to turn notes into rests instead of the Backspace key. This can be very convenient and simulates the Macintosh keyboard behavior. This feature currently requires Windows NT or 2000.
Also, any keyboard reassignment can now be selected to be active within the Speedy Entry frame only.
1.72a 29 July 2000 - Smart Explosion/Distribution and Process Extracted Parts can now handle up to seven parts per source staff.
- First 100% compatible Mac release for Finale 2001
- On Mac, the Redraw button in Staff List Manager will now redraw the page you're actually editing.
1.72 28 July 2000
(WinFin2k only)
Fixed problems where staff system margins were not handled properly when used with  Finale 2001.
(affecting many of the layout utilities including Staff List Manager)
1.71 27 July 2000
(WinFin2k only)
Now fully compatible with release version of Finale 2001 for Windows!
1.70b 27 July 2000
(WinFin2k only)
Fixed Print Multiple Files when Finale issues file conversion message
1.70a 26 July 2000 (WinFin2k only) In Finale 2001, TGTools will now warn you whenever a plug-in is used that will fail because of a Fin2k1 bug.
1.70 23 July 2000
  • alleged full Finale 2001 compatibility
  • some corrections for Smart Distribution of Parts
1.69f 22 July 2000
  • New plug-in: Modify->Replace Rests. It will, for example, split half note rests into two quarter note rests in 3/4 time.
  • improved Finale 2001 compatibility, but not 100% certified yet.
1.69e 14 July 2000
  • Special Modifications now works as designed with quarter tones
  • All plug-ins recognize the "November" and "NewMusicNotes" fonts as music fonts.
1.69d 12 July 2000 fixed registration dialog box and free 30 day trial period (accidentally, the retail version had been put up for download)
1.69d 3 July 2000 Added "delete" action to Special Modifications.
You can now use this plug-in to filter out quarter tones or non-quarter tones from a measure range in order to create to separate systems for playback.
1.69c 2 July 2000
  • Fixed bug in Add Cue Notes which wasn't able to add the cue name correctly in staves that were optimized away in the respective systems
  • Added "Set Hairpin Opening Width" (TGTools->Modify->Reset) 
  • Added alteration amount as a search criterion in Special Modifications.
1.69b 13 June 2000 Further improvements on Scale Staff Positions'  align facing systems facility
- takes page percentage and margins into account
- select which staves to align
- more options
1.69a 10 June 2000
  • Scale Staff Positions can now align facing systems
  • Macintosh: fixed v1.69 which created an extraneous log file tgtools.log.
1.69 28 May 2000
  • support for various measurement units (except Staff List Manager):

    - click on the unit to cycle through them!
  • fixed bug in aligner where the option "adjust above/below separately" could have adverse effects even when not visible.
1.68k 26 May 2000
  • Windows 95/98: no more slowing down of other applications
  • Beam Breaker: fixed incorrect secondary beam breaks in rare cases
1.68j 25 May 2000 Fixed incorrect behavior of Respell Notes with certain key signatures.
1.68i 23 May 2000 Fixed extremely rare but nevertheless possible crash of Smart Distribution of Parts.
1.68h 22 May 2000
Font Info copies the font list to the clipboard on both Mac and Windows now (without asking).
1.68g 20 May 2000 Manage note-attached glissandi:
- enforce minimum distance between two glissando notes (New Spacing)
- shift the glissandi's right ends to account for accidentals (Modify->Shift).
1.68e 19 May 2000
  • Windows version dialog boxes remember settings again
  • New Spacing: added option to allocate a minimum space for note-attached glissandi (tab slide tool).
1.68d 18 May 2000
  • Staff List Manager now automatically displays Finale's current page in page view.
  • Repair smart shape bits if you find that some don't copy using Mass Mover: TGTools->Modify->Reset.
1.68b 13 May 2000
  • bugfix for Analyze v1.68a which could fail on some files
1.68a 12 May 2000
  • improved Analyze:
    - will now find parallelisms across barlines
    - will now find effective parallelisms on strong beat positions
    - fixed false detections with repeated or tied pitches
  • Modify->Remove can now convert notes to rests while leaving the rhythm intact, along with articulations etc.
    This is useful for entering scores where some instruments parts are identical except for the pitches.
1.68 8 May 2000
  • Staff List Manager scrolls Finale's music view to the correct page in page view.
  • Analyze will find parallel voicings (Misc. menu)
  • Special Modifications will modify note percentage, noteheads, and hide or show entries that meet various search criteria.
    Examples: hide all rests, resize all the second noteheads from top, change all noteheads of a specific pitch.
1.67a 3 May 2000
  • Repair Trill Notes now repairs all of them regardless of the original grace note duration used
  • Fixed Beam Breaker which sometimes broke too many beams when grace notes were involved
  • Added a vertical adjustment setting for hairpins to Dynamics Aligner.
  • Dynamics aligner now works correctly with nonstandard linear key formats such as quarter tone scales.
  • Reset Slur Contours can now leave manually adjusted slurs alone.
1.67 30 April 2000
  • Transfer is now in the Modify menu and can transfer metatools and beat charts between files.
  • Tremolos: reducing stem length is now optional and off by default. Existing stem reductions can be removed by re-applying the plug-in.
1.66 24 April 2000
  • Fit Measures has been substantially improved and will now work as expected in all cases. Specifically, it can distribute measures on more systems than they were originally on.
  • Add/Remove Space: new option to add space at the beginning, the end, or after a  partial measure selection.
    see also: new hotkeys
1.65a 18 April 2000
  • Tremolos
    - can now safely be re-applied to regions containing tremolos
    - can modify existing tremolos to change their appearance
    - additional options and features
  • Spacing Hotkeys:
    - additional hotkey combination with both Shift & Ctrl will add/remove space rather than expand/compress (or vice versa)
1.65 11 April 2000
  • Find Items (entries, text)
    can display all measures where an instrument has any notes ... quickly navigate thru your score to the places where an instrument is used!
  • Option to have the spacing hotkeys add/remove space rather than expand/compress
  • Option to customize default selection list height (for Find Items and Compare Entries)
  • Compare Entries: fixed bug where differences were marked on each occurance of a shape expression
1.64e 8 April 2000 all platforms: Miscellaneous->Compare Entries... is finished.
Macintosh: "Get Info" in Finder will now show TGTools version number.
1.64d 7 April 2000 Fin2kWin only: new command Miscellaneous->Compare Entries... lists and marks changes between two versions of a file. Note that this currently works on one staff at a time only. Other platforms and some documentation tomorrow.
1.64c 6 April 2000 Windows: fixed bug in Beam Breaker where primary beams were sometimes broken unintentionally (when rests are involved).
Also, added two options and improved the German translation.
1.64b 1 April 2000
  • Modify->Shift can now shift grace notes with a separate setting for slashed and unslashed ones,
  • Add Cue Notes can now override the Layer Options in order to force cue stems up.
1.64a 27 March 2000
  • Windows: corrected some umlauts in German version
1.64 27 March 2000 Revamped Word Extension plug-in (TGTools->Lyrics) with new options:
- corrected extension length calculation
- select how long to extend it under and beyond the last note
- customizable offsets for continuation on subsequent staff systems and for the length at the end of a system


26 March 2000

  • About menu item was missing in 1.63f

  • Windows: Registration dialog was missing in versions 1.63e and 1.63f

  • Windows: first version of revamped Word Extension plug-in


25 March 2000

  • Macintosh: dialog boxes contain close and collapse boxes

  • new in Music menu: Laisser vibrer will auto-select noteheads with ties.


20 March 2000

Fixed the two menu items Modify->Remove and Lyrics->Remove which were swapped in the English Mac version.


Versions 1.50-1.63c



13 November 1999

- new full release version

pre-1.50 experimental versions


23 August 1999

- fixes Mac problem where TGTools override text tool submenus
Text Expression Sorter recognizes items to be sorted numerically
Proportionality tool works better and has clearer options


20 August 1999

- final release after many additions and improvements
- Mac now has its own TGTools menu

pre-1.00 versions