Version history

1.50 13 November 1999 - new full release version (and some fixes)
1.49c 12 November 1999 - Windows: fixed Smart Part Distribution with English and some other keyboard layouts when "Show Defined Measure Numbers" is on.
1.48b 9/10 November 1999 - Windows: fixed Keyboard Remapper, improved behavior when switching applications
- Macintosh: important fix concerning stability
1.48a 8 November 1999 - no more Free registration required: the program counts thirty days all by itself (even non-consecutive days). Thereafter, you can still register and get another 30 days :-)
- Windows: improved compatibility with FinKey (for Keyboard Remapper, hotkeys, New Spacing and Smart Part Distribution)
1.47c 6 November 1999 - some optical dialog improvements on Windows
- some minor fixes
1.47b 3 November 1999 - small improvements for Combine Rhythms and Pitches
1.47a 2 November 1999 - first Release Candidate for v1.50
- Smart Part Distribution can now unhide tuplets
Character Set Conversion will remember its settings on Windows, too.
1.46dx 2 November 1999 - tuplet handling fixed in Export to spreadsheet
1.46cx 31 October 1999 - smaller improvements and fixes (Tremolo tool, Dynamics alignment, and Smart Part Distribution)
1.46bx 30 October 1999 - Export to spreadsheet now exports exact EDUs with decimal points and accounts for tied notes
1.46ax 30 October 1999 - some fixes for Smart Part Distribution
1.45fx 28 October 1999 - Smart Part Distribution can now copy staff styles
1.45ex 27 October 1999 - added Font Information which shows all fonts that are listed in a Finale document. Some of them may not actually be in use, though.
1.45cx,dx 26,27 October 1999 - Smart Part Distribution will now handle multi-voice grace notes
- some fixes
1.45ax 25 October 1999 - improved Fit Measures: smarter algorithm, support for multimeasure rests, and it incorporates the following new command:
- new plug-in Measure Widths sets widths for empty measures, measures that contain only one note, and multimeasure rests.
- if you want empty 2/4 measures to be a little shorter than empty 4/4's, it can do this, too.
1.44bx 24 October 1999 - new command in the 'Miscellaneous' submenu: Export to spreadsheet, i. e. to do mathematical analysis.
- exports only layer 1 and the root note of chords.
1.44ax 23 October 1999 - new command in the 'Music' submenu: Combine rhythms and pitches from two different staves into one.
1.43gx 22 October 1999 - The file tgsort.lst is no longer needed and can be deleted.
- More improvements on Smart Part Distribution. Will recognize 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. and "1.2.3.". Improved slur handling.
1.43fx 22 October 1999
(Windows only)
- fixed some Windows dialog box specific issues
- new documentation on Smart Part Distribution
1.43ex 21 October 1999 - Smart Part Distribution can now delete "a2" etc. (after having interpreted these)
1.43dx 21 October 1999 - Smart Part Distribution has the added option to leave the source staves untouched and put all extracted notes on new staves
- also, a new option limits the number of parts that the algorithm may assume to be in each stave so that the extraction of more parts than desired due to misinterpretation can be avoided.
1.43cx 20 October 1999 - Smart Part Distribution can now explode staves with parts that don't start with part 1. Before, these had to be part of a group starting with part 1.
- other fixes
1.43bx 20 October 1999
(FinMac98 only)
- fixed bug where Smart Part Distribution could stop in mid-process on Finale 98 / Mac only.
1.43ax 19 October 1999 - fixed layer handling in Smart Part Distribution
- also added capability to (carefully) optimize rests and clear empty measures of smart shapes and measure-attached expressions
1.42ex 18 October 1999 - Smart Part Distribution will now handle voice crossings correctly. By default, only the stem directions are taken into account.
1.42dx 17 October 1999 - improved Process Extracted Parts and Smart Part Distribution (now for FinMac98 too)
- improved
Tremolo Tool. Whole note tremolos can now be copied and pasted, and beams for whole note tremolos are placed correctly in Fin2K. Corrected handling of dotted notes.
1.42bx 17 October 1999 - Mac release
- minor fix
1.42ax 16 October 1999
- Smart Part Distribution is now two separate commands:
  • Smart Distribution of grouped parts lets you select from a list of groups to process
  • Smart Explosion of multi-part staves lets you select from a list of staves to process

- it will now automatically insert new staves for the exploded parts if required

- improved Add Cue Notes plug-in will now optionally copy clefs also

1.41cx 15 October 1999 - Smart Part Distribution recognizes staff, score, and group expressions
1.41ax,bx 14 October 1999 - Smart Part Distribution now recognizes instrument part specifications such as "1.", "a 2", "tutti" or "solo" (note-attached expressions only)
- it can now handle mid-measure changes in the configuration of multi-part staves
New Spacing now fully automatic on Windows, too.
1.40ex 13 October 1999 - improved Process Extracted Parts and Smart Part Distribution (such as a new option to reset accidental positions)
- dialog box positions are now verified to be on the first monitor. An option can be set to allow for a second monitor.
v1.40ax,bx 12 October 1999 - first release of Smart Part Distribution for Mac
- improved 2nd voice handling
v1.39bx, cx 9 October 1999 - a few fixes (such as Character Set Conversion had converted some musical characters, too)
- improved Process Extracted Parts now copes with complicated voice 2 contexts
v1.39ax 7 October 1999 - a few fixes (such as Staff List Manager EVPU handling)
- Windows: Smart Part Distribution now recognizes 1. 2. 3. etc. for part specifications within instrumental groups
v1.38bx 5 October 1999 - Fit a (long) measure region into a specified number of systems
restructured menus
v1.38ax 4 October 1999
- Find Optimization Errors button in Staff List Manager
- improved Join Rests of multiple layers
- Align Dynamics and hairpins now works with partial measures.
- Windows: enabled keyboard control of modeless dialogs
- Windows: more options in the Options dialog, such as setting the amount of the changes made by the hotkey funtions.
- page field in Staff List Manager for Finale 97
v1.37bx 4 October 1999
- more options in Tremolo tool
v1.37ax 3 October 1999 - Staff List Manager now makes sure that groups have independently editable names
- on Windows: Staff List Manager scrolls Finale's music to the currently edited page
v1.36ez 1 October 1999 - "Redraw" button in Staff List Manager which will make Finale redraw the music while you're in the dialog.
- Shift-Hotkeys now work on Windows 95/98
- Undo buttons in dialog boxes now don't turn off numlock in Windows 95/98 any more
v1.36ex 29 September 1999 - now contains improved Add Cue Notes
- better hotkeys and New Spacing automation (no more mouse jumping)
v1.34ex 27 September 1999 - fixed Process Extracted Parts (PC & Mac)
- fixed bug on Mac with message 'Invalid string index' (was not dangerous)
v1.33ex 26 September 1999 - Macintosh release with most new features and now with hotkeys
v1.28ex 22 September 1999 - smaller Dynamics Aligner
- will now recognize default music font (support for third party fonts)
v1.27ex 22 September 1999 - Character Set Conversion
- faster Dynamics Aligner
v1.22ex-v1.26ex 20-21 September 1999 - bug-fixes & improvements
v1.21ex 19 September 1999 - first release of Smart Part Distribution
- Keyboard Remapper now stores Fin2K keyboard shortcuts separately from those for older versions
v1.20ex 15 September 1999 - changed Dynamics Aligner hotkeys to Alt-Gray-Add/Subtract/Multiply
v1.19ex (Fin2K only) 15 September 1999 - keyboard remapper now has access to Finale 2000's menus
v1.18ex 14 September 1999 - Align & Move Dynamics
v1.16ex 9 September 1999 - enabled Shift/Ctrl/Alt fields in destination key of Keyboard Remapper
v1.11ex-v1.15ex 7/8 September 1999 - Extracted Parts Processor
v1.10ex 6 September 1999 - new 'Join rests of multiple layers'
v1.09ex 6 September 1999 - Tremolo tool handles dotted notes correctly
Tremolo tool optionally connects outer beam to stem when creating half note tremolos
v1.08ex 5 September 1999 - free, improved Cue Notes plug-in
v1.07ex 5 September 1999
(Win only)
- improved Tremolo tool
v1.06ex 5 September 1999
(Win only)
- new Tremolo tool
v1.05ex 31 August 1999 - first release for Finale 2000 (both Mac and Windows)
v1.04ex 29 August 1999 - New Spacing for lyrics
modeless dialog boxes,
- EVPU fields in
Staff List Manager