New Spacing
has new 'complementary rhythms' feature since 1.57e

This feature implements a whole new approach to improving Finale's Note Spacing. The current version is intended for solving some problems that arise when spacing lyrics.

The plug-in works as a pre- and postprocessor for Finale's Note Spacing command.


This is Finale's standard spacing result:

This is the final result of New Spacing:

- solves Finale's melisma problems
- improves spacing for notes that exceed a measure's length
- corrects Finale's centering of syllables under whole and double-whole notes
and more

This plug-in can automatically invoke the following TGTools features.
Please customize their settings individually for optimum results:

Left-align melisma syllables,
Shift Lyrics
Move long syllables on beat 1 a bit to the right

see Lyrics Utilities

Note: the option settings for the separately available features can currently be set only by accessing these commands from their respective menus.