Extracted Parts Processor
(requires Finale 98 or newer)

Part of the new way of entering scores and extracting parts-
see Smart Distribution of Parts

The processor for extracted parts chooses the right notes for one part from a system in which multiple parts have been notated.
This processor has to be run separately on each part and is normally invoked from another plug-in:
Smart Distribution of Parts.

all these were within the same score and the part extraction was done by one command per part.



part 1

part 2

using 2 layers:

using piano (chord) notation:

using voice 2:
(note that the inconsistency
in the score has no negative
effect on the parts)

Using multiple layers or voices

In the case of multiple layers or voices, it can occur that the second part gets no articulations, slurs, staff expressions and the like.
The option "Secondary parts inherit..." will create 2nd parts with everything copied from the first layer or voice.

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