Smart Distribution of Parts
(requires Finale 98 or newer)

This plug-in will explode various parts from multi-part staves.
It will recognize specifications such as 1., 2., tutti, or a2.

There are two menu items for this funtion:

  • Smart Distribution of grouped parts
    lets you select from a list of groups to process.
    It will process the group as a whole, and the way the various parts are entered within the
    group may vary as needed. Sometimes several instruments are combined on a staff,
    sometimes each part is on its own staff - all possible cases will be detected and exploded
  • Smart Explosion of multi-part staves
    lets you select from a list of staves to process.
    Each staff is processed separately and the number of parts contained each staff is
    considered to be constant throughout the selected measure region.

Short Example


click here for an overview of score & part creation, and a complete sample score

Screenshot & options

  • In cases of doubt, do single notes default to unisono?
    Normally on. Note that you have to specify "1." or "2." etc. only very rarely
    because it can normally be guessed from the stem directions. So, when
    there are no a2's, single notes can be set to be interpreted as unisono.
  • Secondary layers inherit articulations, slurs, etc.
    When two or more parts have been entered in separate layers, this option
    will enable inheriting of articulations, slurs, and note-attached expressions.
    Note that this option will affect only measures in which the inheriting layer
    doesn't already have any of these note-attached elements.
  • Ignore layers (i.e. for cue notes)
    The layers specified here are ignored, but they are copied to the exploded
    staves, too.
  • Align and optimize dynamics
    When on, dynamics are aligned and sometimes shifted up a little.
  • Align each musical phrase independently
    Since dynamics alignment is oriented on the farthest element within each
    alignment region, this option tries to treat musical phrases separated by
    rests independently.
  • Restart alignment after how many measures without dynamics
    To achieve smaller regions for aligning dynamics, the default of 4
    can be reduced. See previous option for more information on alignment
  • Remove 1.-9.
    Will remove 1., 2. etc. from the part after having interpreted these specifications.
  • Remove a2 etc.
    Will remove a2, a3 etc. from the part after having interpreted these specifications.
  • Unfreeze slur directions
    This enables note-attached slurs to recalculate their position (below or above).
    Will probably result in collisions which have to be cleaned up manually.
  • Create new staves if required
    Normally ON since new staves are often required for the explosion.
  • Leave original staves untouched
    With this option selected, the exploded parts are put into new staves. Otherwise,
    the original staves will be used, too, and fewer new staves are inserted.
  • Maximum number of parts per original staff
    Sometimes the plug-in may think that there are more parts in a staff than you
    actually put in. To prevent this misunderstanding, this option puts a limit
    to the number of parts per staff. Sometimes, it must be increased.

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