Currently I'm all booked so new plug-ins can't be sponsored any more.
List of past sponsors
Special thanks go the people listed here who enabled me to add certain features.

Steve Fiskum

  • Modify->Transfer: now copies selected document settings (and other improvements)

Dave Wells

  • Misc->Custom Chord Styles: Transpose

David Maddux

  • Parts->Explode to Layers

Jason Poss, Jim Bruening

  • Misc->Import Midi

Robert Puff

  • Lyrics->Adjustments and Baselines

Chris Abelen

John Blane
         Modify->Slurs: Resolve collisions with articulations


Bjørn Bogetvedt
         Individual number of copies for Print Multiple Files
(Windows only)

Robert Puff

  • Modify->Enclosures (mass-copy or -delete enclosures for text epressions)

  • Modify->Rests: Minimize number of rests by extending note values

Thomas Schaller
Handle Measure Expressions (aka Score Expressions)
(Modify->Expressions, Modify->Transfer)


Volker Tosta
Convert articulation dynamics into note expressions
(a feature of the Align/Move plug-in)


Dennis Hoshield
Conversion of normal to Harmonica Griffschrift notation
(a work in progress...)