TGTools Project on ice:

This plug-in has been developed up to point where it served my needs but cannot be released.

If you're interested and would like me to continue working on it, please let me know!
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of a given sequence of chords or other musical material, which is distributed among selected instruments. Their maximum and preferred ranges and a variety of configurable orchestration rules are taken into account.

This project does not attempt to imitate traditional techniques of orchestration. However, it might take over a small but tedious part of a composer's work - but only in very specific situations. It should be used RARELY and with care.

Rules will include:

  • melodic intervals used,

  • whether simultaneous octaves are allowed, and between which instruments,

  • directions of linearity,

  • whether an instrumental section should preferably or never play in unison

  • etc.

  • other ideas?