What's new in version 0.99

Skip dialog boxes
for most plug-ins:
hold down

Copy System Optimizations (click here for details)
copies staves, groups, and positions from one system to others.
By default, it replace only the optimizations of systems containing the same instruments.
However, it can also overwrite and copy the optimization to non-optimized systems.

Scale Staff Positions (click here for details)
so as to make various optimized systems have the same total height.
The desired height is specified in EVPUs.
You can get this value by selecting the bottom staff of a system and using the Staff menu command:
Staff Usage.
With optimized systems in Page View, you should select the staff's lower handle.
This plug-in works with optimized systems only.

What's new in version 0.97

Secondary Beam Breaker

in 0.97c: - support for time signatures with dotted beats such as 6/8

- support for odd time signatures such as 5/8

- new option to break all secondary beams in each case where a break is needed

- can now remove existing secondary beam breaks

- click here for complete documentation

Lyrics Utilities

new feature:
Left-align syllables for melismas

move long syllables on beat one a bit to the right
now works on section and chorus lyrics also

- click here for complete documentation

What was new in version 0.96 (Windows only)

Browser for Text Expressions now manages metatools (Windows only)

- metatools are shown in upper right corner of text expression field

- matatools have their own editable column in details view

- you can select to show expressions with metatools only

- press Esc to cancel text editing

- many smaller improvements

- click here for complete documentation

Staff List Manager has new powerful features

- shows an asterisk next to each instrument that has note entries within the selected system

- select page or measure numbers

- Revert: cancel changes

- Reset to scroll view staff arrangement

- Re-optimize to start over with the optimization. Staves with notes are automatically selected.

- click here for complete documentation

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