TGTools New Features since v1.56
no additional documentation available yet as these features are still being improved

for Windows only

new since 1.58e:


  • Print Multiple Files
  • This is a foreground application - you cannot work with other
    programs while printing multiple files.

"Miscellaneous" menu

new in 1.58:
  • Custom Chord Styles, for example:
  • Bb, H, H#
  • First enter the chords as usual using Standard spelling,
    then translate them using
    TGTools->Miscellaneous->Custom Chords.
new in 1.57:
  • mass-select hairpin option "make horizontal over system breaks"
  • this feature is found in Miscellaneous->Remove...


new in 1.58b (Finale 2000 only):
  • Aligner can now align note-attached lines (created with tab slide tool)
  • more types of smart shapes will follow soon

these ligatures are aligned:


"New Spacing"


new in 1.57e: Complementary Rhythms

  • New Spacing can create a temporary staff containing the combined
    rhythms from the other staves. With this trick, you can sometimes
    achieve a clearer spacing.
    After automatic invocation of Finale's Note Spacing, the temporary
    staff is removed. You can get to see it by choosing UNDO once.


"Parts" menu

Harp Pedalling (new since 1.56d)  
  • adds pedal diagrams
  • adds pedal changes -
    these have to be moved left
    to the desired location manually
  • now supports key signatures
  • changes are now added as text expressions
  • feature requests welcome!
  • now supports Matthew Hindson's Harp Pedal font v1.1:

    (available for download here)

"Music" menu

Fill with rests  
  • according to time signature.
    Empty measures will be filled with as many rests as specified by the time signature's numerator.
Respell notes    
  • respells based on melodic context
  • maximizes 'real' intervals
  • independent of key signatures
  • will become smarter in the future -
    requests welcome!

'Neue Musik' accidental notation:

  • accidentals on all notes

  • exclude accidentals on immediate repetitions and after ties

  • include them on notes tied across system breaks

Mass-create hairpins based on dynamic markings

  • will insert hairpins between two different dynamic markings
  • now works with note- and measure-attached expressions -
    however, left and right markings for a hairpin must be of the same kind.
  • support for things like pp<>pp will come later
Mass-create note-attached slurs

  • not many options yet
  • adds repeated slurs on a specified number of notes per slur
  • slurs can't go across barlines yet
  • slur contour is currently fixed for short slurs on just a few notes

"Layout" menu


Split an optimized staff system in two

how to use this plug-in:
  • easy inserting of a staff system

  • needed when some measures have to be laid out more
    generously, but you don't want to reflow the whole piece.

  • preserves all system optimizations, especially those on the
    following pages, and moves them further down by one

go into page view and select the first few
measures of a system. Then select this
command, and it will break the system up,
leaving the selected measures on the first
system, and putting the remaining ones on
a separate one.
Update groups & brackets  
  • update groups in optimized staff systems

  • no need to re-optimize

  • can change group names for a selected measure region