TGTools License Agreement.

By downloading and installing TGTools, you acknowledge to have read, understood and agree with the following terms:

1. TGTools may be freely copied and installed on your own computers as many times as you wish. However, installing it on multiple computers or a network for simultaneous use by more than one user requires multiple registrations.

2. After testing TGTools, and before seriously using it, you have to register by sending your email and postal addresses to, including a statement such as:
"I have read and agree with your licence agreement published in the WWW."
Note: postal address is for statistical purposes only. You may withhold the street name.


The user of TGTools can expect good software, but there is no guarantee that TGTools are error-free, work uninterrupted, or that they may not have unwanted side-effects on the operation of other programs or the computer system's stability and security.

Tobias Giesen expressly disclaims all other warranties.

4. This licence agreement cannot be limited, modified or extended by other oral or written information.


In no event will Tobias Giesen be liable to customer or any other party for damages of any kind arising from downloading, installing, or using TGTools. The user takes over the full responsibility for the downloaded program.