Smart Distribution of Parts
(requires Finale 98 or newer)

This plug-in will explode various parts from multi-part staves.
It will recognize specifications such as 1., 2., tutti, or a2.

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Short Example
see further down on this page for the complete sample score


Here's the new way of score and part creation:
1. no special tricks in the score.
When the score is entered, we don't have to think about having to extract parts.
We can do all we want to have a beautiful optimized score with constantly
variable usage of the various staves.

2. Smart Part Distribution
which recognizes how we notated the various parts throughout an instrument group's systems.

This part assignment may change often, and everything is allowed:
- separate parts on separate staves,
- chords within one layer of a staff
- several layers per staff
- using Finale's 2nd voice mechanism -
all can be mixed within the same score!

3. keyword recognition
The Extractor recognizes staff expression keywords such as "a 2", "1.", "tutti", "solo".
It automatically copies the according notes to the correct parts.

"1." through "9." are optionally removed from the parts since they are only needed in the score.

To extract only one part from a multi-part staff, use Extracted Parts Processor.

1. The complete sample score
with five parts notated in a constantly varied manner (for demonstration purposes)

2. The output
of the all-automatic Smart Part Distribution

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