TGTools V2 - no fiddling, just music.  

TGTools 3.00
for Finale 25-27 now available

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TGTools V3 for Finale 27 now available
- Rewritten Trill Notes plug-in
- Improved Spacing Plug-Ins
- Numerous Bug Fixes
- a new, simplified Installer for Mac

Now available as version 3.00rc9 for Finale 25-27.

Smart Explosion
(Parts>Smart Explosion/Distribution)


Smart Split Point

(Music>Smart Split Point)

  Manipulate Note and
Rest Durations


Convert Text Blocks to 
Measure-Attached Expressions

Center Whole Notes 
in Measures


Half-Note Tremolos: 
Attach All Beams 
to the Stems


Align Note Expressions 
Horizontally With Notes


     ... plus, many other improvements!

Speeding up music notation
TGTools adds a lot of power to Finale: over sixty new features, clearly arranged in their own hierachical menu. They are now the #1 recommendation made by experienced Finale users and professional engravers. They are equally useful for the beginner because they fill in gaps that Coda has left in Finale.

This plug-in collection facilitates many everyday notation tasks - some of them tedious to do with Finale alone: think of tremolos, string harmonics (with correct playback), broken secondary beams, or playback for glissandi and hairpins.    complete article


Special Plug-Ins


Other TGTools Highlights



Beam Breaker
  • correct beaming in 3/4 time
  • break secondary beams automatically



Staff List Manager
the power tool for optimized staff systems ...



  • easy to enter

  • options to suit all requirements



  • automatic diamonds

  • correct playback



  • vertically aligns 
    dynamics and hairpins 

New Spacing
handles melismas

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