Smart Split Point

This plug-in operates on piano music where some notes have been put into the wrong staff, for example, by Hyperscribe. It tries to guess which notes need to be moved and does this all-automatically. Some options can be set to customize the behavior.



Option Settings

To obtain the best possible results, you may have to make one or two changes to the option settings. They are described here:

  • Max. simultaneous interval in upper staff (8=octave):
    this option should be set according to the music being processed. Specifying the maximum interval that can be found in the correctly notated music will produce better results.
  • Max. simultaneous interval in lower staff:
    same as previous option, but for the lower staff.
  • Max. leap in upper/lower staff:
    this information can also help the plug-in to make the correct educated guesses in terms of which notes should be moved.
  • Minimize simultaneous intervals per staff:
    this option will move notes even though the maximum interval in a staff is not exceeded. You can uncheck it if it produces incorrect results.
  • Minimum notes in bottom staff:
    if you would like to ensure, for example, that no rests remain in the lower staff, you can make use of this option and specify the minimum number of simultaneous notes in the bottom staff.
  • Try to remove resulting rests by expanding the preceding note values,
    Allow moved notes replacing rests to be longer than before,
    Allow notes added to chords to be longer than before:
    These options will help making the output of the plug-in clearer. Uncheck any one of them if they produce incorrect results.