Version History.
Latest Releases
2.80rc1 for Finale 2014.5 (Mac) 30 Apr 2017
  • Fixes problems with the TGTools menu and other bugs.
2.71 23 Feb 2014
  • Now compatible with Finale 2012 and 2014
2.60 24 Dec 2009
  • Now compatible with Finale 2010
  • Align/Move tab sheet "horizontal" has been implemented for Finale 2009/2010 (except for the checkbox "adjust other nearby expressions")
  • Text Expression Sorter will now clear any manual reordering of the Expressions view (including Shape Expressions)
2.45b 19 Dec 2007
  • New Spacing now compatible with Finale 2008
  • German version recognizes the German Finale 2008
  • compatible with scores where one lyrics verse is longer than 10.000 characters
2.45a (Win only) 13 Nov 2007
  • fixes editing of some expressions using the Browser for Text Expressions
2.45 27 Jul 2007
  • first release for Finale 2008
  • text expression sorter will now refuse to delete expressions when viewing a part
2.43c (Mac only) 28 Feb 2007
  • fixes an occasional crash when using Smart Explosion multiple times during one Finale session
2.43b 24 Feb 2007
  • fixes handling of measure expressions in Smart Explosion
  • adds new setting "Categorize according to user description" in Text Expression Sorter
2.43a 15 Feb 2007
  • Lyrics->Baselines now works with Finale 2007
  • Staff List Manager scrollbar now works again with Finale versions before 2006b
  • Create Slurs and other Smart Shapes related plug-ins now work again with Finale versions before 2006
2.43 14 Feb 2007
  • TGTools menu now fully enabled when editing parts in Finale 2007a
  • Align/Move now recognizes transposed parts in Finale 2007
  • Smart Explosion/Distribution bug fixed that could cause it to lock up during the
    "Deleting Part Specifications" phase
  • Create Hairpins bug fixed where expressions that were non-dynamics could cause some hairpins to be missed
2.42 (Macintosh) 2 Oct 2006
  • fixes problems with the TGTools menu, especially with some special keyboard layouts
    such as Norwegian and Dvorak
2.41 1 Oct 2006
  • fixes the function to center whole measure rests on Finale 2007
  • fixes New Spacing's optional handling of grace notes which was broken on Finale 2005 or later
2.40 (Windows) 26 Sep 2006
  • first version for Finale 2007
  • no longer requires or includes PDKTools
2.40 (Macintosh) 18 Sep 2006
  • first version for Finale 2007, a Universal Binary
  • when the TGTools menu doesn't work, a message will now pop up with possible solutions
  • the last selected TGTools menu item can be repeated with the keyboard shortcut Cmd-Opt-R
  • several smaller issues fixed
2.34b 23 Aug 2006
  • fixes Lyrics Baselines plug-in compatibility with Finale 2006
2.34a (Windows) 5 May 2006
  • fixes compatibility issues with Finale 2006
2.34 17 Oct 2005
  • fixes compatibility issues with Finale 2006
2.33 4 Aug 2005
  • first release for Finale 2006 (Windows and Macintosh)
2.32 7 Feb 2005
  • fixes the duplicate score expression problem with Smart Explosion/Distribution and Finale 2005
2.31 6 Feb 2005
  • fixes Trill Notes for use in conjunction with Finale 2004's new Cross-Layer Accidental Spacing
  • fixes Smart Explosion/Distribution: the option "Secondary Layers inherit ..." did not always work
  • fixes Align/Move which sometimes processed the vertical positions of items attached to rests wrong
2.30c (Windows) 26 Oct 2004
  • fixes Smart Split Point dialog oddities
  • fixes TGTools menu on Japanese systems (and possibly other languages)
2.30b 30 Aug 2004
  • Macintosh: fixes conflicts with Finale 2005's new keyboard shortcuts.
    Please see: Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Windows: fixes another "Collapse when inactive" problem on Windows
2.30 22 Aug 2004
  • first release for Finale 2005
  • fixes the "Collapse when inactive" feature on Windows
2.29d 11 Aug 2004
  • fixes Smart Explosion which would not work correctly on some Macs with Finale 2004
  • fixes the Enclosures plug-in with Finale 2004
  • adds the Toccata "n" character (niente) as a dynamic that can be aligned
  • the Align/Move dialog can now be moved without problems on Finale 2004/Mac.
  • fixes Staff List Manager which did not always save changes when the button
    "Find Optimization Errors" was used on Finale 2004/Macintosh
  • other smaller improvements
2.29c (Mac<=2003) 31 July 2004
  • long overdue Mac Finale <=2003 update
  • adds the capability to search for syllables in TGTools->Misc->Find...
2.29c (Win) 29 July 2004
  • makes the "Copy" button visible again in TGTools->Transfer on Windows only.
2.29b 21 July 2004
  • fixes "Join rests of multiple layers" which was broken in version 2.29a.
2.29a (Mac) 17 July 2004
  • slight improvements for the new Shift Syllables options
2.29a (Win) 15 July 2004
  • Fixes the Duplicate button in Browser for Text Expressions in Finale 2004, and possibly other situations where new expressions are created
2.29 15 July 2004
  • Music->Smart Split Point: new options & bug fixes, more flexible
  • Parts->Process Extracted Parts: new simplified options
  • Lyrics->Shift Syllables: new tabsheet with shifting options depending on certain characters in the syllables
  • Lyrics->Word Extensions: new option to never budge syllables
  • Moving the Align/Move dialog across the screen with Finale 2004b no longer causes it to unexpectedly quit.
2.28 16 Mar 2004
  • Music->Accidentals: new options, bug fixes, automatically invokes Finale's Check Ties (with Finale 2004 only).
  • Fixed Text Expression Sorter, where the Delete Unused option messed up text expressions on Finale 2004
  • Lyrics->Baselines now works with up to 100 verses (previously 20)
  • Windows only: Print Multiple Files has a new option, "Leave Finale's Print Dialog Open Before First File", that enables the user to change any of Finale's print dialog options.
29 Feb 2004
  • Macintosh Finale <= 2003 only:
    fixed some recently introduced undesired behavior of Staff List Manager.
2.27c 21 Feb 2004
2.27c 15 Feb 2004
  • Windows only:
    fixed occasional error message "TGTools was unable to install its keyboard hook".
    This should never happen again.
2.27b 14 Feb 2004
  • TGTools->Modify->Shift: Accidentals
    now works correctly with Finale 2004's new positioning mode "Use cross-layer accidental positioning"
2.27a 13 Feb 2004
  • TGTools->Music->Add Pitch Names
    has been extended to be able to switch between minor and major (solfege only)
  • now available for all Macintosh versions of Finale starting with version 2000.
2.27 12 Feb 2004
  • new command: TGTools->Music->Add Pitch Names
    (adds English, German, or customizable Solfege syllables)
  • Windows only: new options for Print Multiple Files (L/R pages, 2-up)
  • improved Smart Explosion/Distribution:
    now handles the new Finale 2004 expression positioning options appropriately
2.26e (Mac OS X) 25 Jan 2004
  • fixed increased menu width of plug-in menu on OS X,
  • added support for modifier keys on OS X:
    - Opt key skips TGTools dialogs
    - Opt+Shift keys add extra buttons in tabbed TGTools dialogs to facilitate the creation of macros.
       The buttons are located at the bottom of the dialog boxes and are identical in functionality to the tabs on top.
2.26d (Mac OS X) 22 Jan 2004
  • first release for Mac OS X
2.26d (Win only) 13 Jan 2004
  • improved detection of destination folder (esp. for Finale 2004a) in the installer
  • improved behavior of Staff List Manager with Finale 2004.
2.26c (Win only) 6 Jan 2004
  • fixed "Go" button remaining disabled and labeled "Wait" after Smart Explosion has completed
2.26b (Win only) 6 Jan 2004
  • The Duplicate button in Browser for Text Expressions now creates independent duplicates with Finale 2004.
    Also, increased stability of the Browser.
2.26a (Win only) 17 Dec 2003
  • fixed New Spacing on Finale 2004 which didn't actually do any spacing.
2.26 15 Dec 2003
  • new option in TGTools->Miscellaneous->Reset: Repair Lyrics Flags fixes syllables that have been lost.
2.25g (Win only) 15 Dec 2003
  • on Finale 2004, New Spacing now generates only one Undo entry, and it is failsafe in that it can never miss the last step.
2.25f 19 Nov 2003
  • Finale 2004: fixes the Add Cue Notes plug-in causing Finale to later add bogus "Add Font" entries in the Undo list.
  • Cross Staff: now puts the proper rest durations into measures which are not 4/4.
2.25e 18 Nov 2003
  • Macintosh: fixed intermittent dialog problems on Finale 2000-2002.
2.25d 11 Nov 2003
  • Macintosh: fixed the Complementary Rhythms option in New Spacing.
2.25c 10 Nov 2003
  • Macintosh: fixed Miscellaneous->Find.
2.25b 6 Nov 2003
  • A new option allows to center lyrics _between_ staves, such as in chorus music:
    check topmost and bottommost options on the first tabsheet.
  • Now available in German.
  • Several plug-ins may have had problems with instruments that use "key signature" octave transposition. This was fixed.
2.25a 28 Oct 2003
  • "Replace Pitches" can now handle key signatures and transposed instruments
2.25 6 Oct 2003
  • more dialog design improvements
  • improved speed of New Spacing and Smart Explosion / Distribution
  • some more bug fixes
2.25beta3 6 Sep 2003
  • various bug fixes
  • support for using S. A. T. B. or any other user-defined letters instead of 1. 2. 3. 4. in Smart Explosion. It is also possible to define A. = 1., T. = 2., B. = 3. etc. by entering (for example) ATB in the appropriate option field in the More... options dialog windows.
Windows only
16 Aug 2003
  • Compatibility with Finale 2004 for Windows
2.25beta 12 Aug 2003
  • Mac: updated the new dialogs to work with Finale 2000-2003.
  • Mac: the Shift key now works with all suitable menu items again, causing the settings dialog box to be skipped and the plug-in to run immediately
  • fixed occasionally odd behavior of Staff List Manager on Finale 2001/2002, for example when using the Optimize button (removed the attempt to display the top system margin as EVPU offset for the top instrument).
2.21beta 6 Aug 2003
  • Add Cue Notes can now remove the instrument key from the cue name
  • Smart Playback will now optionally trill the upper or lower note of chords
  • updated alert messages with icons
  • Windows: many dialogs are now much smaller and use space more effectively.
  • Mac (Finale 2003 only): updated the dialogs to be a little more Mac-like (reversed button order). Disabled items are now grayed out rather than hidden.
  • other improvements
2.20a (Win only) 18 Jul 2003
  • fixed user interface bugs in Browser for Text Expressions and Beam Breaker.
2.20 6 Jul 2003
  • Music->Harmonics can now also process single notes with a circle articulation and make them play back an octave higher (for example, for the harp).
  • Lyrics->Baselines 2 will now help avoid collisions between lyrics, notes, and stems.
  • fixed the lyrics assignment copying part of Lyrics->Adjustments, Baselines, Assignments which had not been hooked up for some time.
  • (Win only) improved Modify->Transfer: those items that usually require to switch views in order to see the effect of the copying now do it automatically. There is no more warning message.
  • (Win only) fixed a problem in the Browser for Text Expressions which always started up in two-dimensional mode even if that was deselected.
  • Fixed problems when invoking plug-ins with selection list boxes while holding down the Shift key. The Shift key is intended for skipping the option dialog boxes. This doesn't make sense with plug-ins that have selection lists, and so it won't have any effect with these plug-ins from now on.
  • Shift key will now work properly with dialogs whose action depends on which tab sheet is currently selected.
2.19d (Mac only) 29 Jun 2003
  • fixed TGTools not running on MacOS 8.6.
2.19c 28 Jun 2003
  • improvements and fixes in Parts->Add Cue Notes plug-in.
2.19b 28 Jun 2003
  • improvements and fixes in Layout->Incipits plug-in.
2.19a 27 Jun 2003
  • simplified the use of Parts->Explode To Layers. The default options are now intended for splitting two voices on one staff into two layers on the same staff.
  • fixed a rare endless loop in Fit Measures.
  • fixed Fit Measures losing the distances between systems on Mac v2.18i.
2.18j (Win only) 18 Jun 2003
  • on Windows, I changed some of the defaults to less intrusive behavior:
    - removed question whether to use NumLock key like CLEAR on Mac
    - defaults to "avoid system-wide keyboard hook" (only needed for Win98)
    - all initial keyboard remapper entries are now off by default
    (all these are only relevant for new users that are installing TGTools for the first time)
2.18i 12 Jun 2003
  • Mac version
  • added info about the number of pitches used (when the output is a list, not the bells used chart)
2.18g 10 Jun 2003
  • TGTools->Parts->Pitches Used, Handbells will create a Bells Used chart for handbell music.
2.18f 9 Jun 2003
  • improved GUI and lots of internal changes
  • TGTools->Parts->Pitches Used will list all pitches for a selected measure region
2.18e 21 Apr 2003
  • Custom Chord Styles: Alt. Basses: Left-alignment can be fixed after a transposition
  • various fixes and improvements concerning custom chord styles.
2.18d 20 Apr 2003


  • Custom Chord Styles: Alt. Basses can now be left-aligned under the chord's root.


  • Tremolos now recognizes and can delete existing tremolos with only one beam.
2.18c 7 Apr 2003


  • Explode to layers could sometimes hang or produce an error message.
  • Shift Accidentals now leaves chords with seconds alone
  • other smaller fixes
2.18b 27 Mar 2003 additions:
  • Lyrics->Shift has option to affect centered syllables only
  • New Spacing can now leave out syllables ending with selected characters for melisma processing
  • Explode To Layers now complains if not enough staves are present
  • Word Extensions is now: Word Extensions, Hyphens.
    It can handle automatic lyrics hyphens at system breaks as well as prevent collisions of hyphens with Mensurstriche.
    In addition, it now handles hidden rests correctly (especially on beat one when the previous measure contains notes exceeding the measure's duration). More details about this to come with the next version which will also feature a new lyrics font for optimized hyphen handling.


  • Print Multiple Files (on Windows) doesn't get stuck if printer drivers grab focus.
  • Tremolos now always leaves grace notes untouched
  • other smaller fixes
2.18a 23 Mar 2003 additions:
  • Lyrics->Adjustments, Baselines, Assignments:
    there is now a second tab sheet for baselines which can be moved to avoid collisions with low notes. At the same time, ties can be made slightly smaller if needed.


  • Smart Explosion could misinterpret the rehearsal letter I as instrument 1.
2.18 21 Mar 2003
  • comprehensive support for punctuation marks placed after word extensions.
    new options in  Word Extensions, Left-Align Melisma Syllables, and New Spacing.
  • Word Extensions can now remove word extensions (all or only short ones).
  • added minimum length for word extensions.
2.17c (Mac only) 19 Mar 2003
  • fixed things broken in 2.17b
2.17b 19 Mar 2003 additions:
  • Hotkeys Command-Left/Right for cross-staffing on Macintosh


  • Modify->Modify Slurs fixed for slurs in optimized staff systems
  • repaired Layout->Incipits
  • other improvements
2.17 14 Mar 2003
  • improved: Music->Cross Staff now handles seconds nicely and supports these new
    (for today, on Windows only): Alt-Up/Down Arrow.
  • improved: Layout->Scale Systems can now scale relatively (in %) as well as scale only a few staves of a system while leaving the other distances constant.
  • improved: Smart Explosion/Distribution now has a separate option for whether to remove solo and tutti from the parts. It now also recognizes sola.
  • improved: Smart Explosion/Distribution now has improved support for Roman numbers without dots as well as other special ways to write numbers.
  • improved: Miscellaneous->Calculate Duration is now sometimes faster because it doesn't always scan the complete document.
  • a few other fixes
2.16b 7 Mar 2003
  • fixed: a few problems with Layout->Fit Measures and Layout->Split Staff System.
2.16a 7 Mar 2003
  • new: Music->Cross Staff plug-in facilitates piano-style cross staff notation. A number of options is used to filter the notes to be moved to the other staff. The default options move all notes, so to use it, either select only the individual notes to be affected or change one or several of the filter options.
2.15b 5 Mar 2003
  • fixed: text expression sorting for the Maestro font. In addition, Tamburo is now sorted into a separate section.
2.15a 27 Feb 2003
  • fixed: tremolo playback for Finale versions before 2002.
2.15 28 Jan 2003
  • new: the Windows version now comes with a smart, self-extracting installer for ultra-easy installation of TGTools into all these Finale versions: 2000-2003 with a single click. The installer also resolves issues that may have arisen due to faulty manual installations.
  • improved: Modify->Shift (accidentals) now handles chords with more than two notes (max. 2 may carry accidentals).
  • improved: Modify->Fine-Tune Slurs (Mac only).
2.14 8 Jan 2003
  • new - Mac only: Modify->Fine-Tune Slurs. A new multi-profile command that moves and modifies slurs in specific situations, based on look-up tables. Sample purpose: prevent the center parts of slurs from touching staff lines - they should either stay clear of the lines or cross them clearly.
  • small fix in Modify->Shift (accidentals)
  • made some features available on Mac where previously a message would pop up saying, not implemented on Mac yet.
2.13e 5 Jan 2003
  • Windows only: New Spacing and Smart Explosion now fully compatible with Finale 2003a.
2.13d 23 Dec 2002
  • Windows only: fix in Smart Explosion: occasionally lost articulations and slurs by accidentally retranscribing the rhythm in Finale 2001+.
2.13c 8 Dec 2002
  • new!  Lyrics->Adjustments, Baselines, Assignments
    can now copy lyrics assignments for one verse to others.
  • new!  Modify->Shift can now shift double-whole notes and whole notes independently to improve their centered positioning.
  • improved: New Spacing reordered the options, now takes hidden notes with lyrics into account for complementary rhythms.
  • small fix in Auricle Import.
2.13b 3 Dec 2002
  • improved: Lyrics->Shift Lyrics now properly separates the options for centered lyrics on a new tab sheet, and they mutual exclusiveness with the shifting of syllables under long notes is now optional.
  • improved: New Spacing now takes care of melisma alignment before invoking Shift Lyrics so that these don't interfere with each other any more.
  • fixed (Win only): fixed a rare and totally harmless GPF.
  • fixed (Mac only): fixed Auricle Import.
2.13a 1 Dec 2002
  • improved: Modify->Transpose can now do diatonic transpositions as well as chromatic ones.
  • improved: Parts->Explode To Layers now accepts a configuration string such as SATB, SSAA etc.
    also, smaller fixes here.
  • improved: TGTools->New Spacing now ignores hidden notes when the complementary rhythms options is selected.
  • fixed: Lyrics->Left-align melisma syllables now works again.
  • other smaller fixes
2.13 28 Nov 2002
  • improved: Smart Explosion handles staves such as Horn 3/4 correctly
  • improved: Smart Explosion now handles expressions like 1., 2. even if they have Jazz text enclosures
  • new!  Modify->Transpose can do transpositions of quarter tone music.
  • new!  TGTools->New Spacing can now handle hidden notes as if visible for spacing.
  • new!  Misc->Custom Chord Styles can beautify chords with alternate basses (be sure to hit Default button to initialize the dialog's fields)
  • improved: Modify->Transfer copies more settings
  • fixed: Modify->Playback sometimes created too long a playback for multi-measure trills
  • TGTools->Modify->Custom Playback has been merged into the main Playback menu item.
2.12 24 Nov 2002
  • finally!  proper UI with Copy & Paste buttons in Modify->Transfer (and similar: Misc->Compare)
  • new: in Finale 2003, Modify->Transfer can copy various document settings
  • finally!  TGTools dialogs remember the active tab sheet that was used last.
  • finally!  Layout->Update Groups overcomes former problems with identifying groups by being able to rebuild all groups from scratch
  • fixed: Modify->Shift Accidentals couldn't cope with upstem seconds where only the upper notehead carries an accidental
  • fixed: Modify->Playback sometimes created glissandi in the wrong direction when they went across a key signature change.
2.11a 19 Nov 2002 Mac only: fixed not being able to click on selection lists in TGTools 2.09e thru 2.11.
2.11 18 Nov 2002
  • new: Parts->Explode to Layers for exploding piano chords to chorus-style score (SATB on two staves)
  • improved: Miscellaneous->Custom Chord Styles now also transposes normal alt. basses.
2.10 16 Nov 2002
  • New Spacing: enhanced to handle these problematic kinds of syllables which are commonly used to extend hyphens over system breaks:
    - now automatically ignores syllables consisting of hard spaces
    - can optionally ignore syllables starting with soft hyphens
  • Lyrics->Shift: enhanced to be able to shift syllables starting with soft hyphens
  • Miscellaneous->Custom Chord Styles: can now transpose chords as well as note names (basses) in chord suffixes
2.09j 15 Nov 2002
  • Music->Create Slurs: fixed slur heights which broke in 2.09g, and added an Engraver Slur option
  • Modify->Rests: can now split notes in halves in reverse order: rest first, then note.
  • Miscellaneous->Import Midi: now uses niftier staff attributes when creating a new click track staff
2.09h 12 Nov 2002
  • Music->Harmonics: more improvements and corrections regarding positioning
2.09g 12 Nov 2002
  • Modify->Slurs: new options for Reset Contour: * use Engraver Slurs * Fine-Tune Slur Height
  • Music->Harmonics: improved whole note harmonics
  • Miscellaneous->Import Midi: various improvements
  • Modify->Shift: center whole measure rests now doesn't center notes any more
  • Windows 95/98/ME: added option in "More Program Options" to avoid global keyboard hook which is, in some cases, reported to cause a crash or delay when using software other than Finale.
2.09e 5 Nov 2002
  • new: Miscellaneous->Import: Standard Midi Files
    (create click track, import Midi markers as text, import time signatures)
  • new: multiply the horizontal positions of measure-attached smart shapes with a constant
    (Modify->Special Modifications: Alter Smart Shapes)
  • improved: convert measure-attached slurs to note-attached, resolve collisions with articulations, reset slur contour now activates Engraver Slurs on Finale 2002+
2.09a 30 Oct 2002
  • new: Pretend Durations (=Modify->Special Modifications: Durations)
  • new: add brackets (also in Modify->Special Modifications: Durations)
  • improved: Fit Measures, Calculate Duration, Word Extensions.
2.08d 22 Oct 2002
2.08c 30 Sep 2002
  • Fixed Harmonics and (on Windows only) Beam Breaker which did nothing in version 2.08b.
2.08b 26 Sep 2002
  • Improved the way Fit Measures distributes measures evenly across the specified systems.
  • Word Extensions now realizes when the selected region is changed while the dialog is open.
  • Other plug-ins may have only occasionally had this problem, this was fixed once and for all.
2.08a 21 Sep 2002
  • TGTools->Misc->Calculate Duration now handles partial measure selections
  • reinstated the shareware registration dialog and free 30 days which got lost recently
2.08 16 Sep 2002
  • new: TGTools->Modify->Slurs->More: Convert note-attached slurs to ties,
  • new: TGTools->Modify->Special Modifications->Alter Smart Shapes
    which can search and replace smart shape types. For example, replace dashed curves with regular slurs or swap crescendos for decrescendos and vice versa.
2.07 15 Sep 2002
  • new: TGTools->Misc->Calculate Duration. Was present in 2.06d but not fully functional there.
  • new highly specialized options in New Spacing.
2.06d 4 Sep 2002
  • Fixed a problem with the new calibration mode option in Modify->Shift accidentals which erroneously had to be checked in order for adjusting accidentals before intervals to work.
2.06c 4 Sep 2002
  • Word Extensions: many improvements. All variants of lyrics positioning are now taken into account correctly. So, the option whether to calculate word extensions for left-aligned syllables has been removed as this is now recognized automatically. The other options may require slightly different values to achieve the same results.
  • New Spacing: when using the special preparation for complementary rhythms, it is now ensured that the notes are always created within the staff so that no ledger lines can occur which would have an effect on spacing.
2.06b 3 Sep 2002
  • New plug-in: TGTools->Miscellaneous->Calculate Duration
  • New option in Modify->Shift, on the Accis tab:
    Calibration mode. This is for determining the correct accidental widths when using a non-Coda font.
2.06a 28 Aug 2002
  • Even more options in Lyrics->Shift Lyrics,
  • the new Maestro sfpp symbol is now recognized as dynamics,
  • a bug in the "increase slur height" option was fixed,
  • can now shift accidentals after glissandos even if the glissandi cross a barline
2.06 21 Aug 2002
  • Lyrics->Shift Lyrics can now separately adjust centered notes other than the long notes. It skips those with punctuation, spaces, and word extensions,
  • fixed Modify-Slurs which sometimes failed to resolve a collision with an articulation,
  • fixed small bug in beam breaker,
  • Windows: keyboard remapper is now disabled during Print Multiple Files.
(Mac only)
31 Jul 2002 This version is now compatible with and includes the new PDKTools 2.10. On Windows, there was no TGTools update needed.
(Mac only)
31 Jul 2002 Fixed Select Text Expression on Mac which was broken in 2.05d only. Common release for Finale 2000+.
2.05d 30 Jul 2002 Fixed some problems with Join Staff Systems and Split Staff Systems. Common release for Finale 2000+.
2.05b 21 Jul 2002 Fixed inability to create playback notes in Smart Playback etc.
(Mac only)
20 Jul 2002 Added support for decriptive plug-in undo strings on FinMac 2003.
2.05 1 Jul 2002 Added two new options for Modify->Expressions:
  • Dynamics only
  • Remove them on staves where the measure is empty
2.04b 24 Jun 2002
  • Fixed problems with some measure-attached expressions in Modify->Expressions and Modify->Transfer
  • Fixed visibility problem on Mac in Modify->Accidentals / Widths.
  • Improved Undo string handling on Finale 2003 for Windows.
2.04a 9 May 2002
  • On Finale 2002 for Macintosh, fixes rarely reported crashes when invoking Staff List Manager,
  • Fixes a problem in Smart Explosion/Distribution where the first part should be empty but it did get some notes under special circumstances.
  • Ready for Finale 2003 for Windows
2.04 22 Apr 2002
  • New function in Modify->Rests: Shift Rests centers whole measure rests in the measure,
  • Add Cue Notes can copy slurs that extend over several measures, and it copies more Special Tools modifications, as well as chords. Also, it reuses existing cue names in the Text Expression selection list and no longer creates extraneous copies of smart shapes,
  • Fixed various bugs in Word Extensions,
  • Very long smart shapes that extend over more than two systems created by TGTools will now be independently adjustable in each system,
2.03a 28 Mar 2002 New plug-in: Lyrics->Adjustments and Baselines, replacing the old Remove Adjustments, can now initialize your lyrics baselines and clear manual changes made to the baselines, with lots of options. Sponsored by Robert Puff.
2.02 20 Mar 2002
  • fixed Align/Move for certain combinations of key signatures and diatonic transpositions,
  • in Modify->Slurs, fixed the Articulation Types options not working correctly
  • in Music->Tremolos, a new option can remove tremolos.
  • on Mac: improved support for macro utilities such as QuicKeys:
    - checkboxes can now be accessed via their labels,
    - hold down Option-Shift while choosing a TGTools menu item in order to see additional
      buttons that you can use for macro programming (replacing the tabs)
  • slurs created with Create Slurs should now always extract into parts correctly
  • other improvements
2.01d 6 Mar 2002
  • new plug-in: Modify->Custom Playback.
    It prepares MIDI output for special synthesizers. Specifically:
    • put drum rolls on a different pitch from the regular sound while preserving the notation,
    • add a MIDI note value to staccato notes if the synthesizer has separate samples for a staccato sound,
    • shorten note durations except when legato.
  • minor fixes
2.01 11 Jan 2002
  • Align/Move now handles hairpins across system breaks nicely.
  • Windows: New Spacing and Smart Explosion didn't work well unless the Mass Mover tool was selected. This version now issues a warning message and does not start if the Mass Mover tool is not selected.
2.00m 31 Dec 2001
  • Fixed bugs in Transfer: Expression Metatools.
(Mac only)
18 Dec 2001
  • Restored a few V2 new features which had been missing in 2.00i and later.
(Mac only)
15 Dec 2001
  • Fixed the About dialog not working on some older MacOS systems.
(Mac Fin2002 only)
14 Dec 2001
  • Fixed Smart Distribution/Explosion not working on some Finale 2002/Macintosh configurations.
2.00i 7 Dec 2001
  • Fixed a bug in Transfer: Beat Charts.
  • The ominous 'Enforce Beat Chart' option has been vacated for Finale 2001 and above because it's no longer needed. It is still visible, and I will try to remove it altogether in these Finale versions.
  • A few German words have recently shown up in the English Windows version. This has now been fixed.
2.00h 22 Nov 2001 Fixed Align/Move which failed in certain situations. This was reported only on Windows, but the fix is recommended for Macintosh users also. On Windows, it would sometimes issue a warning about an internal error before doing anything.
2.00g 17 Nov 2001 Fixed Fit Measures which could not recognize the correct mass mover selection when it was used a second time and the dialog had been left open after the first use.
2.00f 10 Nov 2001 Fixed Smart Split Point which went broken in 2.00.
2.00e (Win only) 8 Nov 2001 The Manual menu command will now find TGTools200.pdf which is available today.
TGTools 2.00d (Mac&Win)
Extras 1.04
(Mac only)
4 Nov 2001
  • TGTools->Modify->Rests: Split Rests now works in 3/8 and 3/4 time signatures that have not been configured as a dotted quarter or dottet half, respectively.
  • One more minor  preference storing problem fixed on Mac.
TGTools 2.00c
Extras 1.03
(Mac only)
3 Nov 2001
  • Fixed rare lock-ups on starting Finale when incompatible or corrupted preferences were found.
  • Fixed preferences not sticking in TGTools because the Extra plug-ins wrote empty preferences in the same location.
2.00b/c(Win) 2 Nov 2001
  • Fixed some problem processing older registration codes and removed the document size limitation that was erroneously enforced during evaluation time on Windows only. 
2.00 1 Nov 2001
  • Added in Modify->Shift: Center whole notes in measures.
  • Modify->Rests can now split up rests in 6/8, 9/8, 6/4, 9/4 etc. 
  • Mac: fixed odd selection list behavior in Select Text Expression
  • Mac: fixed inconsistent behavior in terms of measure range selection with New Spacing
1.940 27 Oct 2001
  • New Spacing now handles grace notes. It excludes them from Finale's Note Spacing, then either positions them or leaves the original positions intact. It also preserves parenthesized trill notes in their correct locations.
(Win Only)
26 Oct 2001
  • fixed Playback / Glissandi which hasn't worked since 1.91.
  • fixed New Spacing on Windows only to work with Finale 2002
1.920 23 Oct 2001
  • added an option "Allow attachment to rests?" to the Expressions and Slurs plug-ins.
  • added two useful options to the Align/Move feature of horizontal alignment with notes.
  • added conversion for measure-attached text blocks into m/a expressions (Modify->Expressions))
  • this version recognizes the new V2 registration codes
1.910a 21 Oct 2001
  • fixed Smart Explosion/Distribution and possibly other plug-ins involving score expression manipulation
1.910 16 Oct 2001
  • revised most dialogs to use tab sheets.
  • the new version's preferences are now separate from and coexisting with those of previous versions of TGTools
  • some smaller fixes and UI improvements.
1.907a 10 Oct 2001
  • fixed Smart Split Point which in recent versions was unable to move notes from the lower staff to the upper staff.
  • improved handling of measures where one staff is empty when running Smart Split Point 
1.907 6 Oct 2001
  • Align/Move can now position note-attached dynamics horizontally (see More... dialog)
  • Align/Move now treats the Maestro n symbol as a dynamic marking
(Mac only)
28 Sep 2001
  • Smart Explosion/Distribution and New Spacing now work correctly with Finale 2002 for Macintosh.
(Win only)
27 Sep 2001
  • TGTools menu now appears correctly with the French Finale on Windows
1.906b 2 September 2001
  • fixed Playback plug-in producing a Division by Zero message when extremely low figures are specified as "changes per quarter note"
1.88b 2 September 2001
  • fixed incompatibility of Staff List Manager with Finale 2002
  • fixed Playback plug-in producing a Division by Zero message when extremely low figures are specified as "changes per quarter note"
1.906a 17 August 2001
  • fixed incompatibility of Staff List Manager with Finale 2002
1.906 14 August 2001
  • Tremolo plug-in: 
    half-notes can now have all beams attached to the stems
    - fixed incorrect number of playback notes with dotted notes
    - fixed slight playback problem with whole note tremolos
    - more fixes concerning  playback note generation
  • Smart Split Point:
    - various fixes concerning polyphonic notation
  • Windows only:
    - new menu item: User Manual. If the TGTools PDF documentation file is found in the Plug-Ins folder, it can be opened with this command.
1.88a & 1.905b 6 Aug 2001
  • support for independent time signatures with partial measure selection
  • improved support for transposing staff styles
    (especially for Align/Move Dynamics)
  • fixed New Spacing sometimes not improving some melismas
  • fixed Text Expression Sorter rarely creating new random enclosures
  • fixed Division by Zero bug in Modify->Slurs
  • fixed various Smart Distribution/Explosion problems
1.905a 10 Jul 2001 fixed Create Hairpins
1.905 3 Jul 2001 many bug fixes, especially:
  • Smart Split Point
  • Process Extracted Parts
  • Smart Explosion/Distribution
1.904 17 Jun 2001 New features:
  • Modify->Shift: Accidentals
  • Music->Smart Split Point
  • Misc->Modify->Rest:
    Divide Note Values in Halves By Inserting Rests
  • Improved Misc->Auricle Import


Previous version 1.87 announcement

Version 1.87e (Win: 1.87f)

  • Modify->Remove->Hidden Rests (=SmartScore Cleanup)

  • Modify->Transfer copies and pastes page Graphics 
    and Text Blocks between files

  • Modify->Slurs resolves collisions with articulations
    and converts measure-attached slurs into note-attached ones

  • Tremolos now with playback notes

  • Playback plug-in now for trills, string tremolos, hairpins, 
    glissandi, and percussion diddles
    documented here



Older versions 
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