TGTools New Features since v1.60
no additional documentation available yet as these features are still being improved

Music menu

new in 1.61: Beam Breaker

Spacing menu

new in 1.60d:
Transfer Spacing
between measure regions, and even between documents.
Currently transfers beat charts only, not measure widths (requests welcome)!

Layout menu

new in 1.60:
  • Powerful new commands for deleting, inserting, and regrouping measures while retaining measure layout and system optimization in the remaining piece:
  • Before Deleting Measures 
  • After Inserting Measures,
  • Join Two Staff Systems,
  • Shift System Optimization.

 If you're using Finale 2000, make sure you have the 2000b update before inserting or deleting measures!


Deleting Measures

If you want to preserve your layout, select the measures to be deleted, then invoke the TGTools command "Before Deleting Measures", and finally press Delete to actually delete them (in Mass Mover tool).

Afterward, you may want to use Join Two Staff Systems if some measures are loosely distributed.


Inserting Measures

In this case, the measures are inserted first, and then the command "After Inserting Measures..." has to be invoked. It will ask you how many measures were inserted, and how many new staff systems should be created to accomodate the new measures.

Joining Two Staff Systems

Normally, you'd combine two staff systems using Finale's Fit Music command. However, if you actually save a staff system, then Finale won't shift all the remaining optimized systems properly. Therefore, Joing Two Staff Systems replaces Fit Music in these cases.

Note: you may want to use Staff List Manager's feature to Find Optimization Errors which may have resulted through combining two systems.


Shift System Optimization

If you discover that using Finale's commands, your optimized systems are no longer correct, you can use Shift System Optimizations to move the optimizations back to the measures that they belong to.