Educational Pricing for TGTools, Version 2
Deutsche Fassung (German version)

Additional License Terms

1. Eligibility

Educational pricing is available for students, teachers/music educators (both active and retired), and educational institutions. Proof of this status may be requested by the software vendor.

2. Usage Restrictions

TGTools versions purchased under this license may be used for educational purposes only.  This means that the intended use is creating music as part of your studies, or as material for your students.

If you are also a copyist or a composer, please note that in fairness to those that don't have access to educational pricing, you should respect these rules:

  • you may not do a payed copyist's job under this license,

  • as a composer, you may not use it for work on payed comissions

If your Finale work generates income, please upgrade to the regular professional version.

If you have read and agree with these terms, you may proceed. Otherwise, take a look at the regular pricing.