Parenthesized Trill Notes

This feature is useful if you want notes to trill with in parentheses.

You have to enter a quarter grace note BEFORE the main note, and the plug-in moves it after the main note, removes the stem, and parenthesizes it.

Since the grace note was originally before the main note, the parenthesized note will always nicely stick to it, just as it is needed - no matter what you might do in Page Layout.

The tool creates the parentheses using a text expression. It makes a new expression only if no suitable one has been created yet.

An additional menu command will repair trill notes that have been thrown back to their original grace-note positions by re-spacing.



For trill notes within or after beamed phrases, use an eighth grace note as trill note so that the beam is not interrupted. The first option has to be set accordingly:

Duration of grace notes to be modified: 8

Known problem:

Finale allocates space for the grace note as if it were in its original position before the main note. It does not take it into account in its trill note position. This my require manual tweaking of the beat chart which will hopefully be automated in a future version.