Purchasing TGTools from a non-European Union country (no sales tax).
Thanks for supporting TGTools. Your support is highly important, and the money will be invested in the development of future versions.
Credit Card Payment


  Please use this service if you have a U.S.-based credit card or if you are a member of PayPal or want to be one. PayPal is a quick and efficient service, but non-U.S. customers have to become members before they can use PayPal.
For PayPal buttons with correct prices please click here.

  An easy to use credit card processing service. Use this if you can't use PayPal (especially non-US customers).
VAT will be added in the store for European Union customers.
You can send normal personal checks in any currency, or Traveler's Checks in US$. Please notify me when you send a check. 

My address is:
Super Flexible Software
Tobias Giesen
Buddenstr. 29-31
48143 Münster
phone: +49 251 20897745
fax: +49 251 95209011
You can also send money in any currency (no coins). Please add 5% for exchange fees. Please notify me via email, phone or fax when sending money or checks. If needed, I will immediately send you a new temporary registration code so you don't have to wait till I receive the payment!
Direct Bank Transfer

Payment by bank transfer or TT (telegraphic transfer) is available on request.