TGTools Macintosh Windows
v3.00rc for Finale 25-27
(now with Apple Silicon support)
Windows version: rc10 | Mac: rc11
(or zip file)

v2.80rc1 for Finale 2014.5 Installer
(or zip file)

v2.71 for Finale 2010-2014 Installer
(or zip file)

2.61 (Windows)
2.60 (Macintosh)

(or zip file)
for Finale 2004-2010

for Finale 2000-2010
read note below)

Finale 2000-2003 for Windows: installer does not support this directly. Please copy TGTools.fxt manually from another version of Finale or change path in installer.

version 2.29c

sit-file (598 kB)
for Finale 2000-2003


version 2.05 sit-file (492 kB)
for Finale 97/98
for Finale 97/98

The TGTools Index (online HTML or PDF 265kB)
(download via right mouse button, or Ctrl-Click on Mac)

Manual v2.00 (PDF format): English, German
(ca. 800kB, download via right mouse 
button, or Ctrl-Click on Mac)

More docs (German, Spanish)

TGTools Quick Start Video (2 MB - 4 minutes) 
by Tom Carruth, Coda Music Technology. Demonstrating Smart Split Point, 
Modify Rests, Create Slurs/Hairpins, Beam Breaker
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Matthew Hindson's 
Harp Pedals Font

Download from Matthew's web site